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The word leadership means “to guide,” “show the way,” and “bring about effective change.” This site contains a variety of supportive articles and training tools relating to effective class leadership and time management. The end goal is to help leaders maximize their class time and influence during the learning experience.  

News & Notes

The NEW GrowingFamilies.Life website is now up and running. That means  all five-hundred and fourty+ Growing Families' videos (full course and independent segments), are now available for free streaming and unlimited access, anytime, anywhere in the world. 

The new website not only means an entire world of new moms and dads will have access to free, God-centered parenting advice, but by association, it also means as ministry leaders, class facilitators and contact Moms, the urgency of your presence is greater now than any other time in the ministry's history.

Remember to join leaders from around the world on our Monthly L3 Webinar, held the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 pm EST. Find out more about our L3 leaders meetings or review videos of past meetings by clicking the "L3 Meeting" tab above.  

Parenting From the Tree of Life

Leader's Guide

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Authored by Rich and Julie Young, the Parenting From the Tree of Life Leader's Guide parallels the comprehensive Life Series workbook released in 2015. The “Leader’s Section” located at the end of each chapter, includes everything a class facilitator will need to:

  • Move parents to a deeper level of understanding

  • To help them maximize their learning potential

Leader's will find email templates, lesson review questions, corresponding video links of each scenario that parents can show their children at home while teaching the principles they learned in class. An in-depth review of the practical benefits offered in the Leader's Guide can be found HERE