Email Templates

for Parenting From the Tree of Life Series

Following up your class time with a weekly note of encouragement is a big part of successful mentoring. For the convenience of our class leaders, we   are providing lesson specific email templates. Each email is in a format that will allow leaders to edit and add content or personalize the information to meet specific class needs or inform class members of upcoming events. (Word or line highlighted in RED is our staff notes to you, the leader, and should be deleted before the "finished" email is sent to the class members.)

The emails include: 

  • A short lesson review and key verses.

  • Summary of the key points from each lesson.

  • A guide to homework and reading assignments.

  • Practical suggestions for teaching children the principles derived from each lesson.

  • Embedded video links* that will take parents to a video review page containing selected scenarios that Dad and Mom viewed during their class time. This is a fun way for children to learn key principles contained in each visit; and provides them a personal sense of being part of Mom and Dad’s class.

* The content of the embedded scenarios covers a broad range of ages. Some are specific to preschool through elementary age children, while others are designed to teach preteens and teens a specific age-related concept. Class leaders should remind their class participants of this fact. 

In addition to the embedded scenarios, leaders can also direct their class participants to a variety of video segments that are viewable from website, under the “Video Library” tab. As a matter of copyright obligation, any additional video links that are not produced by GFI, must be so noted in the email being sent out.


* If you have any problems downloading the email template, please contact customer service for assistance.

** Use Visit 17 Part A and 17 Part B emails if Visit 17 is split into two class sessions.