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February 9-10, 2018 
Sigmoid Summit Leadership Conference (Charleston SC) 

The Sigmoid Summit brought GFI leaders together from around the country. Also present were representatives from the Australian National Leadership team.  Here is what took place:

Session 1
What is the Sigmoid Summit?
Rich and Julie Young 

Session 2
Gary Ezzo

Session 3
This is That
Shawn Wood

Session 4
Focus Group Results
Rich and Julie Young

Session 5
Ministry Goals
Gary Ezzo

Session 6
Leadership Building & Goals
Rich and Julie

Session 7
Ministry Goals Expanded
Gary Ezzo

Session 8
Tips for Leaders
Geoff & Alicia Bongers
Kurt & Jill Everson
Don & Julie Keating

Session 9
If You Can Add One Thing to the GFI Courses
Geoff & Alicia Bongers
Rich & Shelley Howard
Dave and Margaret Paulson
Mike & Jody Krogstad
Don & Karen Kurtz
Randy Loewen
Brian & Bethany Mounts