Life in the Middle Years



The downloads available here include worksheets, student handouts/posters, and in some cases, print-ready forms. These resources come directly from the course material or seasoned leaders from all around the world. Class Leaders will find these tools helpful to facilitate the educational experience while promoting learning.

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Tri-Fold Pamphlet

Class Flow Chart

Homework Sheet - Visits 1-5


Middle Years - Visit 1

Appeal Process

Healthy Family Profile


Middle Years - Visit 2

Virtue - Vice Contrast

Two World Perspective Poem

THINK Poster - Child

THINK Poster - Teen

Middle Years - Visit 3

Family Core Values (Sample)

Ten Talk Poster

Seven Warning Flags Test

Be Others-focused Poster

Middle Years - Visit 4

Discipline Flow Chart

Couch Time Record Cards

Reflective Sit Time


Middle Years - Visit 5

Family Tech Rules



The downloadable Email Templates for both a Flipped and In-Home Class are ready for the convenience of our class leaders. These visit specific email templates allows leaders to edit and personalize the information to meet specific class needs or inform class members of upcoming events.

The templates typically include:

  • A short lesson review

  • Summary of the key take-aways

  • A guide to homework and reading assignments

  • Practical suggestions for teaching children the principles derived from each lesson.

  • Video links for the Visit and other relevant video segments

In addition to the suggested links, leaders can also direct their class participants to other video segments that can be viewed on the website, under the “Parenting Videos” tab. 

As a matter of copyright obligation, any additional video links that are not produced by Growing Families must be so noted in the email being sent out.

Local Group email templates are for those participants who will watch the video with you in your class and these emails will be sent after the class.

Flipped/Online Class email templates are for those participants who will watch the video before attending your class either in person or online.

Download Life in the Middle Years Email Templates Here*:

Welcome Local Group - Online/Flipped

Visits 1 - 5 Local Group - Online/Flipped

* Uploaded 1 July 2019


Leader’s Guides are available to help you facilitate your class. They have been put together for new or seasoned leaders. The course specific guide includes the following:

  • General Summaries

  • Key Principles

  • Suggested Class Outlines

  • Visit Summaries from Workbooks

  • Possible Discussion Topics - with notes to help you direct the discussion

  • Homework - Reading & Practical

  • Questions for Review - where included

  • Supplemental Resources

The Introductory Guide explains how to use the individual guides and provides suggestions to help lead a successful class.

Download Leader’s Guides Here:

Introduction to Leader’s Guides

Size: 8.5 x 11    Size: A4   Updated 31 July 2019

Size: 8.5 x 11

Size: A4

Updated 31 July 2019

Life in Middle Years Leader’s Guide

Size: 8.5 x 11    Size: A4   Updated 2 August 2019

Size: 8.5 x 11

Size: A4

Updated 2 August 2019