The word leadership means “to guide,” “show the way,” and “bring about effective change.” This site contains a variety of supportive articles and training tools relating to effective class mentoring and time management. The end goal is to help leaders maximize their class time and influence during the learning experience.   

Types of Classes

Class Flow Chart

Leader’s Guides

Types of Classes

There are three types of class settings for leading Growing Families courses. These include “local class,” “flipped class,” and “on-line classes.” We encourage class facilitators to consider which format best suits the needs of the class participants.  

Local Class* - Class participants come together at a common venue, to watch and then discuss the video lesson.  

Flipped Class** - Class participants stream the video lesson on line prior to meeting, then come together at a physical venue to discuss the lesson.

Online Class - Class participants stream the video lesson on line, and then at a set time, meet on line to discuss the lesson.  

* Local Class represent a variety of venues, including church facilities, community centers, or schools.

** Flipped classrooms meeting venues may be in a home, coffee shop, or church facility.

Class Flow Chart

This Chart shows the flow of classes and when a parent should take a class based on age of their child.

Flowchart of Classes US Letter.jpg

Leader's Guides

Leader’s Guides are available for each course to help you facilitate your class. They have been put together for new or seasoned leaders and are available on the Resources page. This Introductory Guide below explains how to use the individual guides and provides suggestions to help lead a successful class.

Introduction Leader’s Guide